Testimonials from our Valued Clients

These clients have agreed to share their story. Everyone’s situation is different, so their choices and outcomes will be different to yours. Consider your circumstances before deciding what’s right for you.

D & R McNicholl

I would like to tell you our story; it could be the kind of experience that has been had by many people. We are just entering our tenth year with BULL FINANCIAL GROUP. And so much happier for having made that choice.

In 1999 Doreen and I were forced into a situation which could be described as “Dire straits”. Caused by making investments for a relaxed retirement, with an element of risk which we thought “won’t happen to us” WRONG.

To put it simply, we were asset rich and money poor. As we were trying to writhe our way out of this situation. I took on a job as a local delivery driver. During the course of my days work, I was driving along Power Street when I saw a white building, which secretly to me is “The White House”. There was a sign advertising,
Bull Financial Group Leanne Bull CFP®.

You probably know the importance those three little letters. Later that day when I entered the office of the “white house” there was an atmosphere of welcome. like being invited into a group of friends, My response was YES! This is for us.

Doreen and I had several meetings with Leanne and agreed to put our financial matters in her hands; she gave us the impression that she was the person most capable of making it work where we could not. She was right! It’s hard to believe that one person could make such a difference.

Do you feel whenever you enter the office of Bull Financial Group that, “Doom and Gloom” evaporates? We do,

Leanne has placed us in a position of comfort, and well ahead of our expectations of 1999.

Leanne would be the first to say she wouldn’t be able provide the service without the support and loyalty of her team and of course her husband Chris.

I congratulate those of you who had the foresight to join Leanne’s organisation as far back as 1989, and that you and your families continue to enjoy a relaxing and healthy lifestyle.

Doreen and I wish to congratulate Leanne for being awarded “The National Financial Planning Association” VALUE OF ADVICE AWARD. Well done Leanne.

Darren and Kassie

For us it is having someone we can trust to give us simple advice about what to do with our finances. Leanne has helped us with:

  • Saving, investing and loans
  • Salary packaging
  • Minimising tax and building real wealth
  • Helping us with different types of insurance

It is also really important to us that our financial plan is flexible and that we will be able to cope with whatever life throws at us; whether it’s starting a family, sending kids off to uni or in retirement, we plan to be too busy living life to be worrying about money. It is good that we’ve been able to do something smart with our money so that we can have more options in the future. Thanks.

The Crockers

Congratulations Leanne, Chris and all at the Bull Financial Group. We the Crockers, congratulate and thank you all.

Leanne – we thank you most sincerely. Your efforts on our behalf have made an amazing difference to our lives during difficult times. You’ve taken the worry out of our financial matters and have been flexible in granting our special requests. We thank you for your understanding and very personal care and in particular for ‘going to bat’ for us by intercession with employers and government agencies. You’ve ‘covered all bases’. You take the time to make everyone feel so important and take an interest in our families. You deserve every award you have received and more. We’re very proud of you and to be associated with you.

To all of the team – thank you all for you care and attention. We appreciate your consideration and the work you do on our behalf. Your friendly and professional attitude and service have made our dealings in the ‘foreign financial world’ so much easier. It is always a pleasure to speak to any of you on the phone or to visit your office.

The current financial times are making your job so much harder at the moment but we know and trust that the firm’s 20 years experience will see us all through = as best we can. You can count on our loyalty, trust and appreciation.

Thank you also for including us in your special celebration luncheon.

Best wishes from all of us.