By: advantech On: April 19, 2016 In: Newsletter Comments: 0

Markets are bouncing around again.  As Leanne said when we were in the midst of the Global Financial Crisis “we are in a downturn and this one feels more serious than the last. The one we are in always does feel more serious than the last. Because we know how the last ones ended – They all ended with a recovery”.  And yes, history now shows that the Global Financial Crisis also ended in a recovery.

We believe that this moment of market weakness will also end in a recovery, it is just when and how that is yet to be decided.

We at Bull Financial Group believe in picking an investor profile to suit your needs, diversifying your assets according to well researched asset allocations predetermined as suitable for your investor profile and staying invested for the long term.

We have seen more disasters and financial problems occur by being all in one asset type then we are yet to see from diversification.

Assets go up and down, property prices boom then they can flatten for years, shares go up and down and cash and fixed interest provides no protection against inflation over the long term, but they all play a part in a diversified well constructed portfolio.

We believe that we should concentrate on the things we can control, your strategy and structure.

Our advice provides you with an environment where your income payments are drawn from cash for those in retirement and for those still saving, negative markets create an opportunity.

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